Finding products I think will enhance your country lifestyle!

About Me

I live in the Interior of Alaska

I had the good fortune to spend a good bit of my childhood in Alaska and as an adult have lived exclusively here. I have a homestead in the Interior of Alaska about 15 miles north of the Denali National Park. 

Alaska Homestead

My husband and I staked our 40 acre homestead in 1987 and moved to the undeveloped property in 1989 with our infant son Henry.  We build a cabin and lived on the semi-remote property till the Fall of 1994.

I love the simple life and the products that support it!

I continue to appreciate the simple life but also use the internet to find products that support the country lifestyle I love! 

Simple Products

Lost Ways II

  In The Lost Ways 2 you'll discover... a powerful painkiller, a driveway antibiotic weed, a back-pain relief plant, and a lot, lot more...This time all with colored pictures. 

Raising Quail Made Easy

Everything you need to know to raise quail! Simple instructions!  Get three bonuses when you buy Raising Quail Make Easy... #1 Quality Quail Recipes, #2 Hatching Charts and #3 How to Start a Business Raising Quail!

Smart Solar Power

 The Smart Solar Box blueprints and video guides won't cost you $500, not even $250 though they would be worth every penny at this price... $39.69 

Just FYI .... the instructions and videos are very good! When you first go to Find Out More you watch a video about how the man came across the project.  

DIY Beehives

 Build your own honey bee hive with our easy to use top bar hive plans. 

 If you can put up a set of shelves,

 then you can make a serviceable beehive!

Mushroom Growing

  "Discover How to Grow Delicious, Organic, Pesticide-Free Mushrooms at a Fraction of the Cost of Buy Them from Stores." 

Stain & Odor Eliminator Concentrate

 The Enzyme Concentrate is All-Natural, Non-Toxic and is 100% Plant-Derived.  Can be used in the kitchen, bathroom and can be used on laundry, furniture, pet accessories and more.